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Cultivating Culinary Curiosity

Amongst Young Food Explorers



Fiddleheads, owned by Renana Shvil, is a-child focused school offering personalized cooking lessons to children ages 3-18 years old. The lessons at Fiddleheads are always a hands-on experience. Exploring ingredients with all five senses, learning about where food comes from and the process of kitchen science is encouraged, especially with a young crowd. Older participants are taught basic techniques and more complicated methods to build confidence and independence in the kitchen.

Fiddleheads instructors teach at Crawford Mansion in Rye, Chappaqua Community Center, as well as at farms, public libraries, museums, farmers' markets and private homes in NY and CT.


We expect children to make healthy choices and eat enough to nourish their growing bodies, but as a culture, we do not give them enough time and space to explore and get closely acquainted with food. Children must understand where different types of food come from and how much effort goes into obtaining our very basic ingredients and products. When food is taken for granted, we lose our respect for it and distance ourselves from our nature as human beings. Fiddleheads Cooking Studio was established with all this in mind. Our mission is creating a fun, educational environment that promotes food exploration, while expanding the taste buds.


Renana Shvil-Tobi is an excellent and intuitive educator.  She cooks up the most delicious and innovative meals with children of all different ages while teaching and facilitating educational experiences for the students.  She opens up their creativity and imaginations while appealing to all of their senses.  Her lessons in food preparation are engaging, while fostering the necessary developmental skills of independence and autonomy in young children. We are so lucky to have Renana's talents in our school- she adds so much to our program at Luria."

Laura Weisblatt, Curriculum Coordinator, Luria Academy of Brooklyn

I found Renana and it was like finding a diamond in the rough! She has incredible patience to deal with my 8 year old twins and their 5 friends! She creates nutritious, interesting, fun and yummy meals that the boys just love to serve to us moms, who just love to eat a meal cooked by their kids! I highly recommend Renana to anyone that wants their kids to learn how to cook healthy meals while having a great time!S"

Dana C., Scarsdale Mom

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