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Our Programs

Fiddleheads offers a variety of programs to children of all ages throughout Westchester, NY and CT.

No matter what season it is, our team of chef educators guide students through an exploration of healthy, delicious and seasonal ingredients. 

In these hands-on cooking classes, children will gain the confidence they need in the kitchen by:

  • Learning new skills & safe practices: Collaborating to create dishes as they take turns measuring and mixing ingredients, and learning safe kitchen practices.

  • Discovering new ingredients:  Encouraging children to use their senses to touch, smell and taste all ingredients.

  • Understanding farm-to-table: As dishes cook, students are engaged in a lively, interactive conversation about how food grows, who grows it, and how it got to the kitchen – either through story time, an art project, a game or gardening activity. We believe children gain a new appreciation for food once they begin to learn about its source. 

  • Enjoying the final product: Joining together as a community to share their thoughts and feelings about different flavors and textures as they enjoy their dishes.

Peeling apples 🍎 and pears 🍐 is not easy! These little chefs are super focused developin

Seasonal Classes

A series of classes are offered each season for 10-12 weeks in a variety of locations, where our team of chef educators guide students through an exploration of healthy, delicious and seasonal ingredients. ​

Summer Programs

Five-week programs are being offered in two locations in Chappaqua and Rye, beginning June 27 - August 2, from 9:00-12:30 with early drop-off and late pick-up options available. The summer programs will be connected with fun weekly themes, garden education, crafts - and - children receive their very own apron.

In these classes, children will not only learn new skills and experience new ingredients, they will also:  

  • Explore the gardens: Educating children about the farm-to-table experience and engaging in an interactive discussion about where food comes from.

  • Enhance their creativity: Engaging children in creative projects aligned with the weekly theme.

  • Cook their own meals: Empowering children to prepare their own snack, lunch and drink - saving parents additional time and effort.


Grassroots Kitchen

This is a year-long food education cooking program for teens where they will learn about the impact of food choices on the body, community, and environment. Each week, practical, hands-on cooking activities are reinforced through engaging discussions, readings, and studies of theoretical food-related concerns. 

At the base of Grassroots Kitchen, it is believed and encouraged that these teens have the capacity to become the next generation of food advocates and partners in the mission of educating friends, family, and communities about the impacts of food and its source. 

Birthday Parties

Help your child celebrate their birthday with a hands-on cooking experience – something fun that everyone will enjoy! Birthday parties are offered on Fridays – Sundays at your convenience.

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