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Where it all began...

Renana Shvil, founder and owner of Fiddleheads, began her culinary career as a private chef in New York City and later transitioned into the role of a preschool teacher after being invited to teach a preschool cooking class - a pivotal moment in her career. She loved working with kids and wanted to make a difference in their lives by focusing on childhood development and creative methods of educating young children. She taught in a Montessori school for three years, in addition to after-school programs, camps and more. Simultaneously, she continued to follow her passion for food education which led to her role as a cooking instructor, empowering children to make healthier food choices. She firmly believes children should be engaged in every step of the food preparation process and allowed time and space to explore their food, which often gets overlooked today.


Our Story


Fiddleheads Cooking Studio Opens

In 2016, Renana had the opportunity to open her own space – Fiddleheads Cooking Studio - where local community members were invited to witness her unique approach and gift for teaching children how to cook and where food comes from, while transforming children’s attitudes towards food. Her mission is to grow the next generation of food explorers, while melding kitchen science and storytelling within cooking education.


Grassroots Kitchen


School Transitions

In 2021, Renana launched her Grassroots Kitchen Program – training young adults about the impact of food choices on their body, community and environment. This unique program empowers youth as advocates for healthy, sustainable eating practices through pedagogically sound, hands-on learning.

During this year, she also restructured her business in order to reach more families in her community. She introduced a more mobile-centric model - bringing food education directly to children in locations convenient to them including libraries, community centers, schools and other venues. This important shift allowed more children and their families the opportunity to understand the essential role that food plays in their lives.


Onsite Teaching Program Grows

Renana and her team of chef educators continue teaching hands-on cooking classes to children ages 3-18 years old, expanding their reach to various locations throughout Westchester County and Connecticut, including community centers, farms, public libraries, museums, farmers' markets and more. Additional offerings include private or group lessons at home, after-school programs, camps, workshops for parents and teachers, and birthday parties.  

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