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Hands Are the Best Tools We Have

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

A Note about Tools

​Hands are the best tools we have, and children should be encouraged to use them (after they've washed them with soap and water, of course) ​for different tasks, such as ripping leaves off stems, mixing dough or squeezing lemons.


Before using a tool, it is best to explain the mechanism and parts of it, especially with young children: where the handle is, how to hold it, where the blade is, how it operates, if it spins, what does our tool do, and what we need to be careful of. These instructions should be repeated every time you use the tool, even if the child already knows, in which case you can ask the child to tell you what they know about it. If it is an electrical device, turn it on before you use it with food so the child can see how it works more easily. This process by itself can be rather lengthy, but will help inspire curiosity and safety in the kitchen.

​Here is a list of tools to make your cooking experience with your child easier and at times, safer. This does not mean that you will need to replace existing tools or that the ones you already have are not suitable for children. These have just been the tools that we have found to be most useful.


​So easy for chopping herbs and even some vegetables and as children need to hold it with two hands it is safer than a knife. ​


​You can use any kid-size craft scissors you already have at home, just give them a good wash. ​Scissors are great for cutting herbs.

​Smaller and less intimidating than a full size blender and children can operate with ease.

​What’s more fun than crushing things? Let your child use their muscles to crush spices, nuts, seeds, herbs or anything you can think of.


Painting potatoes with olive oil? Or painting challah with egg wash? Yes!!! Using metaphors with vocabulary from your child’s everyday life definitely helps to spark excitement.

Sure a big KitchenAid is easier for you, but if you want your child to feel more in control, try using a hand mixer. It will also help with keeping their hands steady and with being able to understand how a mixer works. Younger children can be assisted by an adult and later on can start using independently with two hands.

Any brand will work, but remember, scoopers are for mainly for dry ingredients and a pitcher-like measuring cup is for liquids.



Who needs to peel carrots anyway? Just give them a good scrub! But if you do need one, we find that these kind of peelers are the easiest for children to use.




Not only for cookies! Try using them to cut fruit or veggies!

This is a necessity so that kids can join you at the counter. A sturdy chair will also work.

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