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Hurry Hurry, Mary Dear

Author: N.M. Bodecker

Illustrated by: Erik Blegvad


If there ever was a book that beautifully (and humorously) depicted the shifting of seasons from fall to winter – this is it.

We follow Mary as she hurries to prepare for the cold season ahead -  picking apples, making pickles, harvesting the root vegetables, making cheese and butter, putting up jams and canning tomatoes.

The prose is a simple rhyme that keeps little ears and minds interested:

“Mend the mittens, knit the sweaters, bring my glasses, mail my letters.”

Moms will get a laugh out of the ending when Mary's husband is exhausted from all of his "work."But don't worry, Mary gets the final word.

The illustrations are gorgeous and full of detail that keeps little eyes darting over the page while you read.

I found myself tempted to frame some of the pages for my kitchen….just as soon as I finish my own winter preparations.

Because as N.M. Bodecker writes:

 “Not a moment to be lost, in a minute we get frost!”

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