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Celebrate your upcoming birthday with a cooking class! Let your child express his or her creativity and the will to explore food. Whether they'd like to make a simple pizza or take it a notch higher with cream puffs or green pancakes, we will work on a customized menu and recipe appropriate for the specific age group.

Children can decorate their own apron, chef hat or tote bag to take home along with other party favors.

Parties can be held in Crawford Mansion in Rye Brook, Chappaqua Community Center (additional rental fee) or at your own kitchen.





We teach and plan curricula for school programs or specials during school hours.

A series of classes ranges from 3-20 each, depending on the time of year and the school's needs.

Themes can be tailored to age of participants and school curriculum. 

We also offer workshops for parents on understanding how children learn about food. We love to share our experience watching children touching, smelling, looking and tasing new ingredients.

We are also available to consult on curriculum initiatives and have experience working with Parent Teacher Associations and school administrations




Looking for a fun way to spend an evening with friends?

We offer Mom's Nights Out or couples cooking classes. 



Have a picky eater, or a young chef ready to explore more than you can offer? We can come to your kitchen and develop a specialized lesson to answer your needs. From our experience, even if children do not eat the final product, there is so much to learn throughout the process; tasting raw ingredients before they get mixed up, bring children closer to understanding which flavors they prefer. Personalized recipes make it easier for "picky" eaters to try new things and more adventurous eaters get to know more ingredients.

Contact us for more information.


We offer free cooking classes and demos for children at Public Libraries and Farmers Markets in Northern Westchester. Contact us to find out how to register your child for one of the upcoming events or to schedule a workshop in your community.

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