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Rhubarb Lemonade


4 stalks of rhubarb, chopped

1 cup water

1/2 cup of sugar

4-5 lemons, juiced

2 tablespoons maple syrup (optional)

4 cups ice

4 cups water

5-10 mint leaves, optional


  1. Place chopped rhubarb, sugar and 1 cup water in a small sauce pan. cook over medium heat until rhubarb softens, about 10 minutes)

  2. Strain the rhubarb mixture, pouring the syrup into a large pitcher, and conserving the pulp (you can put it in an airtight jar and refridgerate for up to one week. Spread over toast, mix in with yogurt or over some ice cream).

  3. Add lemon juice, water, ice and maple syrup into the pitcher and stir.

  4. Add mint leaves if using, or garnish individual glasses.

  5. Enjoy cold.

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